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Parent Handbook

Sorry it's so long but it is informative!!

Parent Policy Handbook

This contract is entered into by and between JANE’S PLACE HOME DAYCARE and

______________________________________________________________for the provision of
Parents Name

child care for ___________________________________________________.
Child(ren)s Name

Children of new clients will be placed in my care on a two-week trial basis. This allows all parties to get acquainted,
and if there are any personality conflicts, disciplinary problems, etc., each party has the opportunity,
at an early stage, to terminate day care and seek alternative care.


The following forms must be completed and received by me before care begins:
Child Information Sheet
Signed Contract
Permission Form


The ages of the children that I care for are 4 months old up to 6 years old.
I am occasionally available for PD days/snow days to care for older children. Arrangements must be made in advance.
Please keep in mind that I do not provide transportation to and from school and my home.


Your child will need the following items EVERY day.
0 through 2 years
1 diaper for every 3 hours in care
3 bottles formula/milk or breast milk (if required, as a minimum)
I prefer using my own sippy cups when your child no longer requires the bottle
2 changes of clothes
Sunscreen and a hat

Potty Training
6 pairs training pants or pull-ups
3 pair plastic pants (if using panties)
3 COMPLETE changes of clothes (including socks)

All other children
Complete change of clothes suitable to the season

I suggest leaving a supply of diapers and wipes and I will let you know when we need more.
A change of clothes can be left here in a labeled bag for their own personal bucket.


Jane’s Place is open Monday - Friday, from 7:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. but arrangements can be made
if earlier or later care is required for a nominal fee. Child care is never offered on weekends,
evenings or Statutory holidays. Please remember that your fee is based on the hours you contract for,
not the hours that I am open. I will provide care for your child for the hours stated in the signed contract
because I have based your fee on these hours. Please keep this policy in mind when contracting hours.
Including travel time in your contract will help alleviate early drop offs or late pickups.
If you drop-off your child after the scheduled time there is no pay back on my part
the same as if you pick up your child before the scheduled pick-up time the standard fee will apply as per our contract.

Your fee is based on the week. If a statutory holiday lands on your scheduled day you are still responsible for your contracted amount. It stays constant throughout the year unless I call in sick or take vacation time then the amount will be less. LATE ARRIVAL/PICKUP POLICY

Please call me as soon as you know that you are going to be late. If you are going to be later than your scheduled pick-up time
I would appreciate a phone call or a text. Children sense when they are to be going home and this variable can make it uneasy for them.
Receiving a phone call/text can help me to explain to the child what is happening and then can anticipate your arrival shortly thereafter.

We are all aware of how unpredictable winter weather can be. I know that snowy weather and driving conditions can cause late pick-ups.
This is unavoidable, but please try to remember that I have a family and my time with them is very precious.
Please pay close attention to the weather to help avoid late pick-ups.

Late drop-off does not constitute late pick-up. Early pickup on one day does not entitle you to pick up late on another day.

PLEASE NOTE: Cases of late unscheduled pick up are inconvenient for me.
I often schedule my important appointments on days or afternoons when I know all children
are getting picked up early for one reason or another. I do this as a convenience and courtesy to you
so I don’t have to schedule appointments when it is inconvenient to you. When one person is late without notice, it causes me to reschedule, which at that point, may make it inconvenient for everyone.

The late fee for picking up after 5:30 will be as follows:
I will charge a fee of $5 for every 15 minutes that you are late, unless it has already been pre-arranged with me.
This is to assure that children are picked up on time. Late pickups infringe on my family’s personal time.

Should a child remain in care after 5:30 p.m. without prior arrangements or a phone call/text from the parent
I will phone the contact person to pick-up the child and late fees will be applied.


I will accept payment in the form of a check made payable to Jane Ventrcek, in cash or an email bank transfer.
I don't carry change for cash payments but will deduct any due change from the following payment.
A late fee of $5.00 per day will be charged for payment not received by the pre arranged date.
Please revert to our signed contract for payment arrangements. I do not remind parents to make payment to me.

Unpaid fees may be subject to immediate suspension or termination of care unless reasonable arrangements are made and accepted by both parties.

A fee of $20 will be charged for any returned checks as well as any fees incurred due to the returned check.
If there are more than two returned checks in a one year period, all future payments after the second returned check must be made in cash.

A year end statement of all daycare fees paid during the past year will be given to you in February of the next year for tax purposes.


I post vacation days on the board in the sunroom with as much notice as possible, usually 2 months. You are not expected to pay for these days.


Due to the demand on those special days, care is given to those who normally require that day
(they are my first priority) but the remainder of the spaces will be given to those who are in need
and therefore it is important to let me know if you do not need your space so it can be given to another child who needs it.
I would appreciate the phone call between 7 - 7:15 am on snow days so that others can call and make necessary arrangements.
If you call and reserve a spot for your child on that day and they don't attend, you will be required to pay the full-time rate.

As a Home Daycare Provider, I am limited to the number of children that can be in attendance at any given time.
This policy is to allow me to provide childcare to those parents who sincerely need it, and not just an occasional baby-sitter.


I require a minimum notice of two full weeks to be given for permanent withdrawal of any child from care or agree to pay a two week fee in lieu of.


Jane’s Place will repair or replace broken daycare equipment & toys due to normal wear and tear.
However, should your child purposely damage or break equipment or toys,
then the item will be repaired/replaced at the cost of the parents.


Child's play is messy work. Your child will be painting, playing on the grass, in the sandbox, playing with chalk,
and other various activities. Please do not expect me to keep your child's clothes clean and free from stains.
Please dress your child appropriately. I will not be responsible for "Cute" clothes getting messed.
The children will participate in all activities regardless of their dress. Always send an extra outfit in case of soilage.
You may leave one here or just make sure there is always one in the child’s bag.

If there is a special occasion that calls for special clothing (school pictures), please send the child’s play clothes
and I will help them put them on after school for them to participate.

Some days we will be playing in the sprinkler, mud puddles and in the rain so please be aware of the weather and dress appropriately.
I always have extra hats and mitts available in case the pair you send gets wet and is not dry prior to another outing
but bathing suits and raincoats etc. I do not have extras of.


Please send your child clean, dressed for the day, and fed. Parents are required to bring their child to the door each morning
and help their child get settled. Please just enter - the door is always open!
Please do not ring the doorbell or allow your child to ring the doorbell. Since this is my home,
there are usually still people in the house sleeping.

Children (and parents/siblings) do not wear shoes when inside the house. They must be taken off before entering
and left on the rugs that I have provided. This helps to keep carpets more sanitary for crawling children.
Slippers can be brought from home or there are slippers available for children to wear if they wish to.

Drop off and pick up times can be stressful for some children. In the morning they may not want to say good-bye to you
and at pick up time they may not want to go because they are involved with a fun activity. This is a natural occurrence.
To ease the situation, I encourage the parent to take a minute to help the child feel comfortable and to adjust by offering positive statements.

A parent who shows reluctance to depart only makes the transition harder for their child.
The parent should never sneak out without saying "good-bye" to their child.
A brief good-bye works best (no more than a couple of minutes). The longer you prolong the departure the harder it gets.
Crying will usually stop a few minutes after the parent departs.
It is important that you establish a consistent routine and stick with it.

Please use your arrival time to reconnect with your child FIRST, and speak to me SECOND.
Your child looks forward to your arrival as his/her time with you. Please do not disappoint him/her.

Please avoid staying for long periods of time at drop off/pick up, as this can cause traffic problems
and parking problems for my neighbors. Not to mention the limited space at the door for others to enter or exit.

Please be in control of your child during drop off/pick up times and don’t allow them to play around outside.
When arriving, please do not allow children to run to the door without you. When leaving, please do not allow children
to run out to your car while you are still inside. Our safety rule is "No one goes outside without their parent (or guardian) with them."
There are other cars that may be coming and going in the driveway and a serious incident could occur.
These rules include siblings that may be with you at drop off/pick up.

If your child (or any siblings present during drop off/pick up) misbehaves during these times, please correct their behavior.
My house rules apply from the time they walk in to the time they walk out. This is a time of testing when two
different authority figures are present (parent and provider), and this situation will be tested at one time or another
to see if the rules still apply. I will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are being displayed.
Please be prepared to back me up. If your rules or desires are being tested, I am ready to back you up.

If someone other than you or your spouse will be picking up your child, I will need notice in advance from you,
including name and type/color of auto. Please inform your emergency contacts that if I do not know them
and the child is too young to recognize them ("Hi Grandma!"), that I will ask for identification.
Explain to them that I do not mean to offend them. This is simply a measure taken for everyone’s protection.

If I know what time you will be arriving I will try and have your child clean up and get their shoes and coat on ahead of time.
If you arrive earlier than expected, I will ask your child to clean up and then chat with you until the child finishes.
I try to limit the number of toys played with at a time but leaving the mess for me isn’t necessary
and will follow through with the rule that “if you took it out to play with, then you need to put it back before moving on.”

I make it my policy NOT to answer the door to strangers when I am alone in the house with the kids.
My dog will bark, but unfortunately she won't protect us!


Communication is very important to me. When I accept a new family into my business, I like to be sure that we can share openly
any concerns or questions that may arise. It is important that there is a similar child care philosophy between us.
I welcome questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that are oriented towards a positive outcome for the child.
Sensitive issues will be discussed in private outside of regular child care hours either by telephone or conference.
Conferences will not be scheduled as a routine part of your child's care, however, should you like to have a conference,
you may request one at any time.

As you are leaving your child with me while you are working I understand that direct involvement is not always possible.
There are other ways you can contribute to our program such as: sharing interests and skill, perhaps:
donating toys or books that may not be in use at your home; or donating craft supplies; etc.
Any other ways you can think of to be involved I would be happy to discuss with you.


At Jane’s Place, you can always be assured that the door is open to you. Please feel free to drop in and check on your child,
however, keep in mind, a child just adjusting to a new surrounding will want to leave with you, if you pop in for a visit.
Please keep in mind there may be times when it is not convenient for me to run to the phone. (i.e. diaper changing, bottle feeding, etc.)
If the phone goes unanswered, please do not become alarmed, simply leave me a voice mail and I will call as soon as I am able.
You may also communicate with me via e-mail. There may be those times when something comes to you at work that you don't want to forget to relay to me.
If you have e-mail, please feel free to drop me a line (janesplacehomedaycare@gmail.com)or you can text me at 519 429 2314.


All children under the age of 5 are REQUIRED by Day Nurseries Act to have a rest period. No child is forced to sleep;
however they must remain quiet. All children are to lie down for a rest period in the afternoon.
Even older children will benefit from a short period of "Quiet Time". Nap time is my only opportunity to take a break,
clean up after lunch and do paper work.
If your child has a special blanket or stuffed animal they can bring this daily or bring extras to leave here.
Due to cleanliness your child may only use these items indoors.
Should you need to pick-up or drop off your child during nap/rest time, please do so as quickly and quietly as possible so that the other children are not disturbed. Keep in mind not to ring the doorbell as the dog will alert me as it is.


If a child has a particular dietary need, substantiated by a medical evaluation, I must be informed and given a doctor's note.
Substitute meals or snacks may then be brought from home.


I will be more than happy to help with potty training provided that it is not done before the child is ready and you are taking part with training at home.
Toilet training needs to be done consistently at home, at Grandma's and at my place. Parents are asked to initiate the training at home
(on vacation or weekend) before starting it at daycare. Once training is initiated, parents are to supply 5 ply training pants with plastic pants OR pull-ups.
Please do not ask me to offer “treats” to the child for going “potty”.


Please go over this section with your child (and any siblings if they will be coming in with you)
so they may know what is expected of them while at Jane’s Place (if age appropriate).
I expect all children (age taken into consideration) to know the rules of the house.
These I assume are quite similar to the ones you have in your own home.
I don't intend for these to sound as though I don't allow the children to play and enjoy themselves,
but I feel it is important with the number of children in a daycare to follow these rules to insure safety and lower maintenance of my home.

  • No hitting, biting, pushing, kicking, spitting etc.
  • No throwing or intentionally breaking anything. (Parent will be responsible to replace anything broken intentionally).
  • No running or jumping in the house.
  • (These are outside activities)
  • No leaving the house or the yard.
  • No name calling, teasing, etc. Everyone is treated with respect.
  • No food or drink brought into the home. (Unless pre-arranged)
  • NO GUM.
  • No toys brought from home unless prearranged.
  • Make believe guns cannot be invented or used to pretend and the same goes with knives,
    swords or anything that could be misconstrued as a weapon.
  • No one goes upstairs or into the rest of the house. I keep the daycare area childproof to the best of my ability
    but the rest of the house is our home and should be respected as a private place.

  • Sometimes at pick-up, the children may get rowdy because someone else is here. Your child has listened to my rules all day.
    Please show your child that you respect me and my rules by reminding them and enforcing them while you are here.
    This includes older siblings that are brought into the home when dropping off or picking up your child.


    I have a dog that resides in the home. She is very gentle but has very little contact with the children.
    She is spayed and all of her vaccines are up to date. It is sometimes nice to allow an animal in to visit us in the Daycare area
    but I have a rule that no one hug or pick her up. She can be pet gently and appreciated without mauling.


    One lunch and snacks are provided by myself. If you require your child to eat lunch after arriving, please send this with them.
    Children are encouraged to eat what is offered but never forced. Please do not have your child come to daycare chewing gum, eating candy, or other food. Chewing gum is not allowed while in daycare.
    Treats, however, brought for the entire group are always welcome. If your child is an infant and still drinking formula or eating baby food, you are responsible for providing these items plus bottles.

    In the home of a family child care provider, I should be able to expect certain things from you.

  • 1. Open communication. Explain clearly and carefully your wishes and expectations about how your child will be cared for.
    Also provide updates on problems and progress that your child is making. Give me information about your child's routine,
    activities and preferences. Good communication helps parents and myself work together in the best interest of the children.

  • 2. Agreement on terms or arrangements. You should fully understand my expectations and what you as a parent are agreeing to.

  • 3. Honesty and trust. This includes being honest about how you believe the arrangement is working,
    whether your child is happy with myself and whether you are. Although you need to be vigilant in order to safeguard your child,
    you should still trust me to do the best for your child.

  • 4. Advance notice of and agreement to any changes. I have to earn a living too, so I feel I deserve advance notice
    if you are going to stop using my services, take a vacation or leave that will affect my pay.

  • 5. Pick up on time and follow through on all agreements. I have a personal life too,
    and I should be able to expect that you will pick up your child at the agreed upon time.
    If it takes you 15 minutes a day longer to get home than you expected
    or if you find it more convenient to stop at the grocery store before picking up your child
    which makes you 30 minutes late three times a week you need to work out a new agreement with myself or find a way to abide by the original one.

  • 6. No surprises. I don’t feel that I should learn on Friday that you have decided to take next week off from work.
    This is my livelihood and changes in my income should be given advance notice. I don't like surprises any better than you as a parent does.

  • 7. Payment on time. I have to pay bills, so make arrangements to see that I get my pay on time.
    I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if your boss conveniently “forgot” to pay you.

  • 8. Respect. Realize that taking care of children is a job and I am a worker, just as you are.
    I am not "just a baby sitter." I will be one of the most important people in your child's life and in yours, too.

  • 9. Jealousy. Try not to be jealous of you child's attachment to me. Children who spend hours every day with me come to love me.
    That love, though, doesn't diminish the love your child feels for you. Don't feel that you have to compete with us for your child's affection.
    Be happy that they love and get loved in return.

  • Revised February 2014

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