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* Carefully choose the words to describe body parts, urine and bowel movements.

* Choose words that are correct in terminology and that will not embarrass or confuse your child.

* Select a toilet chair or use an adapter. The adapter allows them to use the regular toilet with the aid of a step stool and smaller seat that fits over the regular toilet. This allows less transition when trained.

* Take your child to the toilet on regular intervals. Don’t insist the child sits there until he/she "goes" This will only frustrate them and they may resist going back to the toilet. If they don’t go after a reasonable time, "try" again in 20-30 minutes. But also try to avoid taking the child too often. If the child is truly ready mentally and physically the accidents will be minimal…… but accidents DO happen.

* Remember to never scold or punish for accidents. If there are repeated accidents you may need to consider that maybe they aren’t ready mentally. They may also not be ready physically to hold urine. If you have ANY doubt, its best to wait for a couple months.

* If the child is truly ready for training I recommend the use of training pants with plastic pants from the start. Pull ups in my opinion are too much like diapers and they may not feel their accident, however at night they are appropriate. It is completely a personal choice.

* Most children will have achieved bowel and urine control by age 3-4 years. Any significant changes in their bathroom habits or continued accidents may warrant a call to the pediatrician to rule out other problems or for advice.

* Most of all, if you and the child are ready mentally and physically for the task, training will happen quickly!! Patience, consistency and a sense of humor are the keys. Someone once told me when my daughter was training, "I’ve never met a child in kindergarten who was still wearing diapers"

Jane's Place Home Day Care!
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Jane's Place Home Day Care!

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