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Dear Parents,

It's been a long time coming
but after really thinking about why I started smoking again
I've come to realize that nothing good will come out of smoking.

I needed to consider my needs, my families needs
and the needs of the children
and it was really time to get my priorities straight again.

On February 29, 2004

I had my last cigarette
and I really appreciated your support
and words of encouragement.

If you've never smoked it's hard to imagine
why I considered them my best friend.
They were there when I was upset, when I was stressed,
when I was socializing, when I was hungry
and they never let me down.
But it was time to say farewell
and put everything else first.

I did this for all the right reasons
but I could use an email for support and tell me your story
so I look forward to hearing your words of encouragement.
I'll be waiting to hear from you.

As you may be aware
Ontario is now Smoke Free effective May 31, 2006
which includes all private home daycares
during the hours of childcare.
For the sake of YOUR children - please take this matter seriously and choose wisely.


Jane Ventrcek

Jane's Place Home Day Care!

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Jane's Place Home Day Care!

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